Mum 'Radiant Red' #3

Chrysanthemum/Garden Mum

Radiant Red: Known for its dark red, ornamental blooms Radiant Red Mums have a superb color retention and are more frost/rain tolerant than other varieties.

The quintessential plant of autumn. Known for their show-stopping 1 – 3 foot mounds of endless flowers, mums come in a multitude of colors including yellow, red, white, orange, and purple. Best planted in full sun locations with organically rich, well-draining soils, mums are certain to brighten up any autumn landscape or container planting. 

Frequent fertilizing and deadheading encourages re-blooming. Make sure to keep plants well watered throughout the growing season to avoid dieback. Plant out of high-traffic or windy areas to avoid snapping or damage of branches.