Mum 'Stellar Red' 4"

Chrysanthemum/Garden Mum

Stellar Red: A prolific cousin to the Stellar Purple Mum, Stellar Red Mums share in their heat and frost tolerance. Vibrant crimson red blooms often fade quickly in high, humid temperatures.

The quintessential plant of autumn. Known for their show-stopping 1 – 3 foot mounds of endless flowers, mums come in a multitude of colors including yellow, red, white, orange, and purple. Best planted in full sun locations with organically rich, well-draining soils, mums are certain to brighten up any autumn landscape or container planting. 

Frequent fertilizing and deadheading encourages re-blooming. Make sure to keep plants well watered throughout the growing season to avoid dieback. Plant out of high-traffic or windy areas to avoid snapping or damage of branches.