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Pitcher Plant 6" Hanging Basket

 Bloom Period: 

Seasonal Bloomer


Bright Direct (High)


As Needed


Height 6 – 18”  Width 6 – 18”





Known for their elongated tubular foliage with closing lidded cups that rest atop the tips, Pitcher Plants are members of the infamous Sarracenia genus within the carnivorous plant family. These lidded cups protect from rainfall but also close and trap unsuspecting insects that are attracted to the brightly-colored foliage and nectar of the plant. Strict adherence to cultural needs of this plant are essential for its success. Natively growing in blog-like conditions, grow Pitcher Plants in full to partial sun with an acidic, humus-rich planting mix rich with peat moss. Soil must never dry out but Pitcher Plants do not like to be sitting in water all the time.