Zygocactus White

Holiday Cactus

 Bloom Period: 

Seasonal Bloomer


Moderate Indirect (Medium)


Let Soil Dry Out Slightly (Moderate Moisture)


Height 4 – 24”  Width 4 – 24”





Although Poinsettias are considered the classic holiday plant, these forest cacti deserve the same status since they naturally bloom from late fall into winter. With a bit of care and discipline they can be induced to bloom every year. Zygocactus thrive in bright, indirect sun with no direct sunlight and prefer a climate of moderate humidity. Fertilize with a general cactus fertilizer once a month from April to September only, nothing in fall and winter.

 Some general Zygocactus care tips are as follows:

  • After flowering is done, provide a resting period from January to April 1st, watering sparingly.
  • After the first of April, provide regular houseplant care until mid-September.
  • When outdoor night-temperatures are around 50 – 60 degrees, place outside in a shady, cool area.
  • Your plant will then need 6 – 8 weeks of at 12 – 14 hours of continuous darkness each night to set buds and begin flowering; artificial light counts. Use a box, paper bag, or closet to enforce darkness.
  • Bring plant out and position in bright, indirect light when buds appear and open.